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James DeMeo, PhD


Saharasia - The Origins of Human Armoring and War


When Wilhelm Reich's theories on human sexuality and behavior were reviewed by Prof. DeMeo against the standard cross-cultural evidence from anthropology and ethnography, a major global geographical pattern was discovered.  Saharasia - the region of the Sahara Desert of North Africa, plus the Middle East and Central Asian deserts - were inhabited by the most heavily armored and violent societies on the planet.  DeMeo will present this evidence, along with parallel findings on massive climate change at c.4000 BCE.



Orgone Physics - Experimental Confirmations of Wilhelm Reich's Findings, and New Research on "Living Water"


Prof. DeMeo will present his laboratory research program of the last 20+ years, replicating and confirming most of Wilhelm Reich's controversial orgone energy and orgone accumulator experiments. This includes Reich's experiments on the To-T "thermal anomaly", the electroscopical discharge anomaly, boosting of seed growth in strong orgone accumulators, replication of Reich's Geiger-counter anomaly, gaining very high counts-per-minute from ordinary background radiation, and the blue-glowing orgone-charged high-vacuum tube.  DeMeo's new findings on spectrographic changes in orgone-charged water will also be presented.



Cloudbusting Experiments in the USA, Israel and Africa, A Review


Starting in 1978, Prof. DeMeo undertook field experiments and applications of Reich's cloudbuster device for ending of droughts in the USA, Israel, and Africa.  He will present the details of those experiments and their results, as well as the social reactions to the great success in bringing exceptional rains.



My UFO Observations and Reich's Concepts on Gravitation and Negative-g, with Related Experiments


Prof. DeMeo made several UFO observations over the years, including during cloudbusting experiments.  He will discuss these experiences, as well as Reich's "Contact With Space", plus Reich's ideas on the orgone motor, and negative-gravitation.  Some new experiments on negative gravitation underway in the USA, with a solid scientific foundation, will also be discussed.



James DeMeo, PhD, formally studied the Earth, Atmospheric, and Environmental Sciences at Florida International University and the University of Kansas, where he earned his PhD in 1986.

At KU, he openly undertook the graduate-level natural scientific research specifically focused upon Wilhelm Reich's controversial discoveries, subjecting those ideas to rigorous testing, with positive verification of the original findings.

DeMeo subsequently undertook field research in the arid American Southwest, Egypt, Israel, sub-Saharan Eritrea, and Namibia, Africa. His work on the Saharasia question constituted the most ambitious global cross-cultural research study to date, on the subjects of human behavior, family and sexual life around the world.... more



Peter Robbins


Voronezh: An Evaluation of Russia’s Best Known Close Encounter Incident


On Monday October 9, 1989, the habitually pragmatic Soviet news agency Tass shocked the world with a news release which stated that “Scientists have confirmed that an unidentified flying object recently landed in a park in the Russian city of Voronezh. They have also identified the landing site and found traces of aliens who made a short promenade about the park.” More than forty eyewitnesses observed this event and the Soviet government stood by Tass’s report. A flurry of American news coverage ensued, almost all of which was dismissive and condescending, the result being that the story was soon relegated to the realm of myth and confabulation.
This detailed and at times deeply personal talk by Peter Robbins reviews all of the known particulars of the Voronezh landing, insights and observations of one of the key Russian investigators, and a critical analysis of the story’s treatment by major American print and broadcast media. The presentation is illustrated and also includes the screening of many of the televised news reports which followed on the heels of the initial Tass wire service reports.



Peter Robbins is an investigative writer, author and lecturer best known for his UFO related papers, columns, articles, editorials, commentaries, lectures and media appearances.

He is a regular fixture on radio and has appeared as a guest on and been consultant to numerous television shows and documentaries.  Robbins, along with Larry Warren, is coauthor of the British best-seller, Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation, He is also the author of Deliberate Deception and Halt In Woodbridge. ... more



Richard Dolan


The Secret Space Program: Where is it headed?


The idea of a secret space program is one of the most intriguing in our society, and is a hot topic discussed among people interested in UFOs. For several years, Richard Dolan has been lecturing and writing about why he believes there is such a program. For this lecture, he will provide strong evidence for the existence of the program while separating out the many fantasies associated with it. He will also provide a current assessment of where that program is today, including its relationship to the UFO phenomenon.



Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs, and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time.

He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?... ...more


Eugenia Sarri


Wilhelm Reich's Expedition to Arizona


In this presentation we will talk about details of Wilhelm Reich's expedition to the desert of Arizona regarding his relationship with the US government, and his most important findings during this operation as they are described in his last book Contact With Space.


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